Call Us:  213-446-3744

Call Us:  213-446-3744

Southland Medical Dialysis

About Us

Southland Medical Dialysis was founded on 2006 by our CEO, Marc Luzuriaga. Started as a small business venture, our company is starting to grow to serve and accommodate more clients through our partnership with affiliated hospitals. We devote serious effort in providing quality care to client undergoing dialysis service. Year after year, we assist hundred of clients throughout the Southern California region.

Each dialysis nurses is certified by the California Board of Nursing and comes to our practice with years of experience in their area of specialty.  The dialysis nurses always consult with the attending physician prior to dialyzing with each patient in order to provide informed, consistent care at all times.

Southland Medical Dialysis both work as a primary and secondary acute dialysis provider. As a  primary, we're the main source of dialysis service for patient with ESRD or acute kidney injury. For secondary, we serve as a backup to ease the load of primary dialysis provider as well as to provide continuous care.

If you have any question, please call: 213-446-3744

Hospital Partnership is the backbone of our company. We exist through constant collaboration with affiliated hospitals in SoCal to deliver the best dialysis service.  If you are a hospital administrator looking for quality dialysis service whether as a primary or secondary provider, we would like you to consider Southland Medical Dialysis as your associate in dialysis.

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